Do Guns Kill or Protect? People Kill People using Hammers and Guns – Part 2 in The Right Response?

 Do Guns Kill or Protect? People Kill People using Hammers and Guns – Part 2 in The Right Response?

Do Guns Kill – or Protect?

If guns are responsible for killing people, then spoons are responsible for making people .458 socom ammo  fat, and beds are responsible for women becoming pregnant.

Such fallacious thinking may be behind fundamentalist Muslims insisting their women are covered from head to foot, so men are neither attracted nor tempted by their beauty. Although those in the western world like to think they know better, gun control fanatics nevertheless apply the same thinking to guns.

There are even control freaks who apply this erroneous thinking to cans and bottles. If large quantities of cool drinks are bad for you, then politicians must ban sales of large sizes. It seems that someone in New York who doesn’t understand responsibility has proposed such a law!

The Biggest annual Killers

By far the biggest annual killer is Tobacco, responsible for half a million American deaths a year.

The second is Medical Errors causing some 200,000 deaths annually – well over ten times more people than guns. So should we ban medics? Of course not, modern medicine saves far more lives than die from medical errors by medics.

The fourth biggest is Alcohol Abuse at around a hundred thousand deaths. The USA tried banning alcohol and eventually abandoned Alcohol Prohibition as a complete failure.

The next largest killer? Many more people die from automobile accidents each year, yet no one is seriously suggesting banning automobiles. This was tried in Britain many years ago – the infamous Red Flag Act – and also abandoned as ineffective.

In 2011, hammers caused 50% more deaths than so called assault rifles. So should society ban hammers as responsible, or do we appreciate the value hammers provide?

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